Employment Law

Employment law is an area which will impact most people during the course of their lifetime.

It’s an area of law which experiences constant change with a heavy focus on procedures. This is why it is essential to get the right advice and strategy worked out from the start. Whether you are an employer, or an employee, our role is to assist you to achieve the best possible result as quicky and easily as possible while meeting your legal obligations and protecting your interests.  

Our services in this area include:

    • Representing a diverse range of clients in unfair dismissal proceedings, adverse action, bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment claims across all courts and tribunals;
    • Advising on employment agreements including restraint of trade, confidentiality and intellectual property, remuneration and general entitlements;
    • Drafting employment agreements for all levels of employees and management;
    • Advising on redundancies and negotiating exit packages following termination of employment;
    • Advising on sham contracting arrangements and the appropriate classification of workers as employees, contractors, volunteers or interns and relevant entitlements;
    • Defending prosecutions by Work Health and Safety, the Australian Taxation Office or the Fair Work Ombudsman;
    • Advice on managing ill and injured employees and conducting workplace investigations;
    • Representation in criminal proceedings which can have adverse impacts on employment or the workplace;
    • Representation in disciplinary proceedings;
    • Appearing in applications to enforce restraints of trade.